Our Organic Hemp Clothing Line

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Saves water

Regarded as “one of the most drought-tolerant crops on the planet”. Hemp requires roughly 50% less water than cotton, as a result , most hemp farms require little to no irrigation.

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Smaller carbon footprint

Not only does hemp requires half the acreage of cotton, but it also helps purify the air, removing carbon from the atmosphere more efficiently than trees.

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Wears Well

Breathable and Biodegradable. While it is light like linen, it's also more resistant to wrinkling. Hemp has come a long way from its course and fragile origins to clean, sleek and comfortable.

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Naturally grown

Compared to cotton, hemp grows extremely quickly and requires no pesticides or herbicides. Because of its resiliency, it has also been known as a natural way to clean up soil pollution.

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Sustainable Operation

Our limited edition hemp merchandise is a sustainable choice. Grown on a vertically-integrated farm, our clothing is produced with solar panel energy and employees are paid a living wage.

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Strong & Durable

Hemp is 10 times stronger than cotton, more resistant to stretching, and insulates better than cotton. It is also resistant to mold, mildew and UV rays.

Packaging that gives you piece of mind.

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Certified compostable, meaning that our packaging can be broken down within 90 days while leaving no harmful chemical behind.

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Our mailbags have the same waterproof and stretch resistant qualities as plastic, but without the harmful landfill waste.

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Materials derived from corn and wheat crops, making these mailers incredibly low impact resource dependant.

Muskoka Grown is powered by 70% renewable energy.


We are proud to grow in Bracebridge, Ontario

Bracebridge was one of the first municipalities in Canada to generate hydroelectric power. In 1894 the town built an 84 kilowatt generator, becoming a pioneer for renewable energy.

125 years later, approximately 70 percent of Bracebridge electricity comes from hydro generation.

We’re proud to grow in a community that values sustainable practices and we aim to implement that theme of conservancy into everything we do.