This is a uniquely Canadian setting, a tranquil landscape where the sun reflects off still waters. This is Muskoka. It’s a community situated against the backdrop of forests and lakes.


It took a long time for nature to create the beauty of Muskoka. We like to think that we put just as much commitment into everything we grow, and do it as a celebration of our partnership with our home. We are Muskoka Grown. We believe that our scenic environment attracts the perfect sort of detailed and talented individuals who grow our hand-crafted recreational cannabis products: the sort of people who take the time to do things right.


Cultivating a little bit of Muskoka.

We’re growing something special. Our people have put care and passion into every plant, care and passion kindled by our scenic surroundings. That’s why each of the names of our cannabis varieties represents a piece of the landscape of Muskoka.

Harvesting now. Available in the coming months.


Stories from Muskoka.

Muskoka is, above all else, a close knit community, and we’re proud to grow here because we know it’s only due to that community that Muskoka Grown exists.

To celebrate the community, we want to share the unique and inspiring stories of intriguing individuals that call Muskoka home.

Join us.


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