Our Story

We wanted to grow our recreational cannabis in Muskoka because only among the quiet beauty of this place can we let go of distractions and ensure that every plant is given the care it deserves, no matter how long it takes.

We are Muskoka Grown. A group of passionate growers from the Muskoka area. We believe that quality comes from honest, hard work, and from the passion to want to do it no matter what you’re creating. Our effort is consistent, and our growing facility is a testament to that process, designed from the ground up over years of planning.

That spirit of attention to detail is evident in everything we do: from the community we’re proud to be a part of, to the plants we’re growing, and the people we collaborate with.


Our Community

Whether you live here or just visit, you know that the community of those who are ‘grown in Muskoka’ is something special. This community is at our core. From our founders and team members, to our investors and advisors, we take pride in creating a community of people who in one way or another are “Muskoka grown”.

Our Plants

We believe that a thoughtful approach creates the best products. That’s why we hand-raise our plants in small batches, allowing us to customize the growing environment to each cannabis strain, delivering consistent and premium cannabis products for the modern Canadian.

Our People

We are a people-first company. That means we believe in a living wage, not a minimum wage, because when people are respected, they respect what they grow. But we also believe in sharing ownership and opportunity and feel strongly that we’re all together on the mission of helping Canadians live well.


We are Local

We’re built by local trades and materials wherever possible. We support our local economy and community organizations that help protect this wonderful place we call home. And, of course, we are proud to grow legal Canadian cannabis in the heart of Muskoka.



Our Home

From the rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield to the iconic pines that rise over our lakes, Muskoka is famous as one of Canada’s most popular destination to get away from it all. But the people who live here can tell you there’s much more to the area than just its scenic landscape.

We’re a tight-knit community, but we also welcome visitors with open arms. That means that while we support the local environment, the local economy and the local residents, we’re also a diverse bunch with one thing in common: we love what we do.

That’s why Muskoka Grown is so proud to be part of the area.